Ropeworx is a client orientated rope access company which specializes in industrial rope access and inaccessible areas to conventional systems. Ropeworx employs traditional climbing techniques as well as some new unique methodology to access any high rise structure.

Over the past years Ropeworx has built up a reputation for high quality service and workmanship in conjunction with an impeccable safety record. .

Ropeworx’s services do not replace conventional scaffolding and cradles but rather reduces the overall expenditure, especially in highly complicated structural areas.

Access to all sites is by means of ropes, harnesses and purpose made rope devices which are updated on a yearly basis to remain at the forefront of any new technologies in the mountaineering & rope access industries.

Specifically The use of Rope access allows the following benefits:

  • Quick setup and action on any site almost immediately.

  • Reduced damage to structures.

  • A cost reduction in Municipal & council permits.

  • Minimal noise interference to tenants or owners

  • Minimal interference to pedestrian traffic

  • Increased security due to no fixed structures